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Payment of Multiple Taxes

Note: The Multiple Payment option should only be used when paying more than one bill.

Thank you for participating in the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Multiple Payment Submission Program. For efficiency, we recommend participating in this program if you are paying more than one parcel. If you have used our Excel spreadsheet template for your payment data, you will note that we have replaced it with new expanded online payment features:

Tax Payment Cart

This feature is similar to a retail “shopping cart” feature found on most major retailer websites. While maintaining the simplicity of our current system, taxpayers will now have the ability to pay up to 50 parcels through one Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit and/or credit card transaction.

Multiple Payment Upload Option

This feature allows pre-registered users to upload tax bill payment files of 300 or less parcels. Real-time validation provides a “user-friendly” system of highlighting detected errors before data is submitted for payment. This helps us process your information as accurately and efficiently as possible. Just remember: The Wire or ACH credit must settle in the County’s bank account by the delinquent date. An email confirmation of the transaction will also be sent back to the authorized user upon submission of the file.

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