Enhanced ways to reach key data on our website

octreasurer.com/octaxbill Property tax statement information (view, print, pay)
octreasurer.com/octaxreminder Secured tax bill reminder service by text or email
octreasurer.com/ocunsecuredreminder Unsecured tax bill reminder service by text or email
octreasurer.com/postmarks Important information about postmarks
octreasurer.com/taxdefaultedproperty Properties with delinquent taxes
octreasurer.com/melloroos Information on Mello Roos (CFD) bond issuances
octreasurer.com/gov/assessor Change of Mailing Address form
octreasurer.com/octaxparking Civic Center Parking Map – No on-site parking available
octreasurer.com/octaxauction Upcoming property tax auctions information service by text or email
octreasurer.com/octaxauctionreminder Property tax auction reminder service by text or email
octreasurer.com/unclaimedfunds Unclaimed funds held by the Treasurer
octreasurer.com/ocinvestments Public Funds Investment Portfolio information
octreasurer.com/ocfinancialinfo Financial Resources, including a Tip of the Week
octreasurer.com/ocfinancialtips Financial Tip of the Week informational service by text or email