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Financial Tip of the Week

Financial Tip of the Week

Join the FTC for These 2024 NCPW Events Next Week

By: Ari Lazarus, Consumer Education Specialist, FTC

National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) 2024 is next week, and we hope you’ll attend some of the virtual and in-person events we have planned. NCPW is a time when the FTC, national and local organizations, and individuals from across the country get together to bring you information and advice on scams, identity theft, and other consumer protection issues.

How can you participate in NCPW all week? 

  • Follow the FTC on Twitter/X at @FTC and on Facebook for resources and advice on avoiding frauds and scams. 
  • Listen in to The Fraudian Slip podcast. FTC staff will share information on avoiding and recovering from identity theft and new language access resources. 
  • Watch the City of Palmdale’s video series featuring FTC staff on how to spot and avoid scams.

A whole lot more events are planned in-person and virtually. No matter where you live, you can bet there’s an event you can join! Here’s a sampling, but read the full list at

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National Consumer Protection Week




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