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Mello Roos Information

The Community Facilities District (CFD) Act of 1982, also known as the Mello-Roos Act, was enacted by the Legislature in response to the passage of Proposition 13 to provide a flexible funding mechanism to local governments. Bonds issued pursuant to the Act can be used to finance construction as well as to acquire capital facilities. Under current law, new bonds must be approved by a vote in an election by the property owners in the assessment district. The Bonds are secured by special taxes levied on property owners and billed on the property tax bills. The County is working to make this information more transparent to taxpayers.

The reports below provide a guide to assist you with finding the bond based on the bill description on the property tax bills and the annual report prepared by the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC). Currently, the Mello Roos bond description is included on your property tax bill under the section “Special Assessment Charges.” We have changed the description of the Mello Roos bonds listed on your property tax bill to the actual name of the CFD bond issued by the agency or city to make it easier to look up the bond issue information on the CDIAC report. The property tax bill also includes a phone number that goes to the agency that issued the debt and, if further information is needed, the taxpayer should call this number for assistance.

The CDIAC report is the summary of the California Mello-Roos CFD Yearly Fiscal Status Reports for 2014-2015 for the County of Orange. This report is the latest report that has been prepared by the CDIAC and reports are prepared every fiscal year.

Each report page represents a CFD debt issuance under the CFD Act of 1982. Some key points on each CFD page:
• Date: The bond issuance date
• Amount: The amount of the original bond issuance
• Issuing Entity: The agency that issued the debt
• Maturity Date/Type: The maturity date of the CFD and type of bond
• Principal Amt Outstanding: The amount of the debt outstanding as of June 30, 2015

Click here for an example of a secured tax bill and the corresponding page in the CDIAC report.

Further questions on CFD’s should be directed to the phone number circled on the sample tax bill.

INDEX for County of Orange Mello Roos Bonds for 2018-19 Report

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INDEX for County of Orange Mello Roos Bonds for 2013-14 CDIAC Report
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INDEX for County of Orange Mello Roos Bonds for 2012-13 CDIAC Report
     • 2012-13 CDIAC Report

• County of Orange Community Facilities Districts 2014-2015 FY Annual Report Detailed Information
     o Community Facilities District 99-1
     o Community Facilities District 2000-1
     o Community Facilities District 2001-1
     o Community Facilities District 2002-1
     o Community Facilities District 2003-1
     o Community Facilities District 2004-1

In the News

• Capistrano Unified School District will eliminate Mello Roos taxes for some tax rate areas